Thursday, September 04, 2008

The One Where We Talk About Boobs and Boors

So Sarah Palin wowed them last night at the GOP convention. If I had any questions before, I don't have any now. I'm good with it. Now let's not make any mistakes here, I'm not totally supportive of her platform. I'm not pro-life, and I'm a spiritual person rather than a religious one. But I'm in.....

From my seat, I don't care if she was chosen because she's female. And I don't believe that her gender is the only reason she was chosen. I think in the whole process of vetting and scoring potential candidates she got a few extra points for having boobs. On the Dems side, I find it very hard to believe that Barack didn't get a few extra points for being an African American. We'd be extraordinarily foolish to believe otherwise. The question is, do we take offense? I don't. Life is a plus/minus and people would do well to get right with that. After last night's speech, it's hard to believe that there was any other potential nominee that would have made the kind of connection that this woman did. Score one for the boobs!

Now for the boors. Since the announcement of Palin as McCain's running mate, the press and the interwebz has been buzzing with her personal and family life. Is that perhaps because they have very little to attack her for professionally? Today, rather than address the points that she made, the Obama camp declared it more Bush rhetoric. Mmm-hmm.. I didn't here a single reference to Dubya, did you?

Much has been made about her "lack of experience". Point for point, she actually has more government experience than Barack. Hell, she has more experience than Hillary. I won't say that she's more savvy than Biden, I'll reserve that call for after the debates (and a bit more research on Biden) but I think it'll be a close call.

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