Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The One Where I Babble Incoherently

All the news and views that you can use....or maybe not...

  • VP debate? Rocked! Sarah held her own and it seems as though it worked. For right now the press seems to be leaving her "experience and knowledge" thing alone
  • Last nights presidential debate? Kind of stinky. I was hoping to a true "town hall" forum. What I got was a bunch of distilled questions. Meh!
  • Anyone else freaking out about the whole mortgage rescue thing? The very idea that the federal government is going to renegotiate principal based on current market value makes my hair stand on end. Way to screw the folks that did it "right". Let's take a look at just what that means. You, and your neighbor each bought a 500k home two years ago. You did it by the book, your neighbor got in way over his head. You're paying your 300k mortgage, he's not paying his 500k mortgage. Meanwhile, your elected officials have decided that your neighbor needs to stay in his home, so his mortgage is reduced to current market value...let's say 400k..and records it as such. You are now out 100k in equity and oh yes, you'll still have to pay your 300k with interest. When the market recovers (and it will), your neighbor will make an extra 100k... I should have bought a bigger house...
  • I currently believe that one should be given a lifetime supply of KY when registering to vote.
  • The Eggroll is now negotiating the "twos". Fortunately she only has another 6 months or so and then "two" is over.
  • How is it that a small child can hold an entire dinner in her mouth for AN HOUR without swallowing??
  • Why is it that no matter how hard I try, I cannot stay away from the cookies in the kitchen?
  • My child now calls for Gammaw when faced with doing something she does not want to do. My mother warned me that she would stick around....apparently...she has.
  • No, she's not trying to say Gampaw...she says that very clearly...
  • Puppy arriving shortly before Thanksgiving. If anyone is keeping score that means Shit That Will Make Nyt Insane -17 Nyt Not Requiring Medication -0
  • Airfare to the great Southwest has exploded.
  • Is it worth $400 to keep my kid from missing 3 appointments with the speech therapist instead of two?
  • Why is it that I rise at 5:30 every morning and I don't even have a job?
  • Given the current market conditions, Eggroll will have to rely on our public school system.
  • That pisses me off
  • It brings tears to my eyes to see the love affair that Flipper has with the Eggroll, and vice versa.
This concludes today's incoherent ramblings.....
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