Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So, I'm starting again. I'm a lucky individual, I get to start again. It's nice to know that life comes with a re-start.

Today I'm thinking about a few things.....

  • The fifty people that will arrive at my house on Sunday. Umm, yeah. There's a tent, caterers, balloons, and oh yeah.....I'm not nearly prepared for it.
  • The four inches of water that was in Flipper's basement. And the #%$@^ insurance adjuster who just seems to be taking his time. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the ceiling tiles are warping along with the walls because of the humidity. Hellloooo soggy carpeting!!
  • The ancient spastic lab of mine who is now beginning to tip over for no apparent reason. My time with him is limited and its killing me.
  • The thumb that I so thoughtfully crushed in the car door last week. Still hurts and damn inconvenient. Why must I always damage the dominant hand??
  • The leak that keeps re-appearing in my family room ceiling.

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