Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So today, I'll be ranting on the political...

For those who are even interested, I'm a conservative. Not one of those far right, bible thumping Christian conservatives, just a conservative.

I responded to another bloggers post about her feelings on supporting the troops while not supporting the war. I've since discovered that being a conservative will not get you any party invitations anytime soon.

My first complaint is the lack of information that quite a few people are using to form their opinions. Not a questioning soul among them. The TV told them so it must be true. And since when did Bill Maher and Michael Moore become quotable sources??

I'm hugely disappointed in the lack of understanding of broad issues. We seem to have raised a generation of folks who can only see that which is directly in front of them. War in Iraq? Troops being killed? ABORT! ABORT!

Yes there are troops being killed, and it's tragic. There are also Iraqi's being killed and that's just as tragic. There's also the small matter of the United States needing what that region contains....oil.... and if someone thinks that bailing now is a good idea, they had better bust open their piggy bank for gas money next week. Or perhaps they'll just go green....ditch the Jeep, heat the house with peat, and watch the fruit of their loins walk to school uphill both ways in the snow. Next of course, comes the less than popular idea that a destabilized Iraq could lead to a destablized Middle East period. Hmmm what's Arabic for $200 a barrel??

I'm also disappointed in the lack of understanding of Arab/Muslim culture. The fact that much of the Middle East, while divided into countries, is united in a singular religion. That religion not only provides guidance on the spiritual, but also provides guidance on the social and political. And we (Americans) are not real high on the list to get into their heaven, or any heaven for that matter.

I'm tired of the idea that Osama is the only fella out there intent on destroying the US. Osama may be the most recognizable, but he's certainly not the only one. But, the US must destroy Osama, then we will be safe, then the threat will be over.....really?? Ya think so?? Or do we just make the most recognizable hater into the most recognizable martyr. That'll make us more secure.

I'm tired of Americans. I'm not tired of America, she continues to grow and evolve. But I will admit I'm darn sick of Americans in general and I am one. How did it happen? When did our populace change from "inquiring" minds to "enquiring" minds. When did the "sheeple" outbreak happen?

The funniest thing to me is that the ones making the most noise are the ones who have suffered the least. They are the younger ones, the ones who's parents gave them every opportunity.... The ones who coined and defined the term "slacker".

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